Reconciliation Week: Caring for Country Community Planting Event

place of reconciliation

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while might remember that back in May 2012 the people and City of Vincent and Nyungah Elders officially recognised Banks Reserve, a beautiful local riverside park that rests on land known to Whadjuk-Nyungah people as Warndoolier, as a ‘Place of Reconciliation’.

The event was part of a partnership project between the Vincent Reconciliation Group and the City of Vincent. You can read more about the history of the reconciliation project here and here.

Reconciliation Week is rolling around again and this year the City of Vincent is hosting a Community Planting Day to celebrate the completion of one significant element of the ongoing Place of Reconciliation project – the restoration of Walter’s Brook.

Community members are invited to join in planting 800 plants around Walter’s Brook over two planting sessions, followed by a relaxing BBQ.

See here for full event details and to register to attend.

I’ll be there getting my hands dirty! Would love to see you there too.


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