Why community is important and how to build it

Scoop Magazine

A couple of months ago a journalist from Scoop Magazine came knocking, wanting to chat about why I think community is important and the different ways individuals, groups, and organisations can help to build social connectedness. A subject dear to my heart!

Human beings are social creatures. We survive and thrive through relationships; they bring meaning and purpose to our lives, as well as help us to meet our basic needs.

Whilst family and friendship circles are key sources of relationships, social connection through the realm of community is also important, particularly so for individuals who do not have strong personal networks. We need to be able to cooperate and take collective action at a broader level than family groupings, in order to have our needs met. Social connection at the level of community is one of the building blocks for this.

There are a number of characteristics of modern Western society that have contributed to a decline in the community sphere. Nowadays we have to consciously work on building and strengthening our communities, if we want to reap the individual and collective benefits that flow from them. That’s why I do what I do (plus it’s great fun!).

If you’re looking for some inspiring summer reading, check out ‘The village people‘ article in full in the summer edition of Scoop Magazine that’s out now.


One response to “Why community is important and how to build it

  1. robbie jalapeno

    Hi Ann, have u heard City of Baysie are looking for community reps for the Autumn River Festival?

    There was an ad in the local and I got an email also. I will soon be out of town, but I thought you might be interested …

    EOIs due 3/1 I think …


    Merry Christmas!


    Sent from outer space …


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