The people in your neighbourhood

They’re the people that you meet
When you’re walking down the street
They’re the people that you meet
Each daaaayyyy

Sometimes the simple act of meeting and chatting with a now-no-longer-stranger whilst walking in my local neighbourhood brings a tear to my eye. This morning was one of those times. Out walking to get my brain into gear at the end of a very full week, I met Nanette. An older lady also out walking who challenged me to race her up the hill. We got chatting. Nanette loves walking. She hasn’t been doing it for long but now that she’s started she says she’ll keep at it forever. I recognised her face from behind the counter at my local op shop. She hasn’t been working there since May she says, and will need to look for a new job soon as her sick leave is coming to an end. ‘They want us to work til we’re 80 these days!’ She told me that her name Nanette is a derivative of my name, Anne. They both mean ‘beautiful grace’. We agreed that next time we meet we’ll have that race.

There is something I find glorious about making a real and human connection with the people who are part of my local neighbourhood. Perhaps you find this too?

It reminded me of this Sesame Street song from my childhood: The People in Your Neighbourhood Song


2 responses to “The people in your neighbourhood

  1. Lovely story


  2. What a beautiful walking story, Anne. You reminded me of once, when I was walking to work, on a mission, headphones in ears. I was made to stop by a little girl who just had to show me the beetle she had crawling on her hand. It made my day, and it made me think of all the lovely human encounters I missed on the many days I drove the car to work.

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