The next step in a local Reconciliation journey

On Sunday 27 May 2012, Banks Reserve in East Perth (on land known as ‘Warndoolier’) will be formally recognised by the people and City of Vincent as a Place of Reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Banks Reserve

Banks Reserve on land known as ‘Warndoolier’

Hosted by the Vincent Reconciliation Group and the City of Vincent, the event is the next step in a local Reconciliation journey that is demonstrating how place making can further Reconciliation aims. It builds on earlier Reconciliation discussions and activities that have happened at the park in recent years and that I’ve had the pleasure of helping to facilitate.

Everyone is invited to join in this historic event, held as part of National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June 2012).

  • The event takes place at 11.00am on Sunday 27 May.
  • The formal ceremony will feature a Reconciliation choir, an Elder’s Welcome from Nyungah Elder Mrs Doolann-Leisha Eatts, and the unveiling of a plaque by Mrs Eatts and the Vincent Mayor Alannah MacTiernan.
  • This will be followed by activities for the whole family, including Nyungah cultural activities and a ‘treasure hunt’ throughout the park.
  • There will be a walking tour to highlight community aspirations for enriching Banks Reserve as a Place of Reconciliation.

See the attached flyer for full event details.

The community vision for the Place of Reconciliation that was developed in collaboration with local residents, organisations, and Aboriginal community representatives is included below. There will be plenty of opportunities coming up to join in implementing the vision – stay tuned!

Our vision is to further develop Banks Reserve as a Place of Reconciliation for the City of Vincent community. This will be achieved through creating a range of low impact, yet highly engaging features – community artwork, natural landscaping, images and signs – that will promote awareness, reflection, respect, relationship and reconciliation between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people. These features, linked together through a simple ‘trail’, will collectively mark Banks Reserve as a ‘Place of Reconciliation’.We envisage this being done in a way that enhances, in simple ways over a period of time, what is already there, rather than creating something dramatically new. We also envisage it being done in a way that draws together community members in actively working on art, story telling, education and environmental rehabilitation and participating in community events and celebrations. Importantly, in every aspect of the slow enhancement of this Place, our vision is to build connection and relationship. Connection and relationship with the land, and connection and relationship between people – Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal alike.

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