Maylands’ first small bar?

I’ve been calling Maylands home for over a year now. There’s lots of reasons I’m excited about living in this area; one is that it’s the last inner city area in Perth that hasn’t been developed yet. That means I can be involved in place making in my local area and in helping shape what Maylands becomes – yay!

I’ve blogged previously about how small bars can help solve the world’s problems so you can imagine my excitement when I learnt this week that there’s been an application lodged to change the use of 188 Whatley Crescent from an office to a small bar!

Maylands small bar

Will this be Maylands’ first small bar? I hope so. We need more after-hours venues to build the level of night-time activity in the Maylands strip. I’d love to be able to cycle down to a local, intimate and friendly bar to catch up with friends, bump into acquaintances and meet some new peeps.

When a group of us got together to run the Goodbye Dullsville campaign back in 2006 to support the passing of the small bar legislation this was just what we were hoping for. It will be great to see my local area reaping the rewards of the legislation change through enhanced cultural vitality and economic development. Bring on the bar, I say!


6 responses to “Maylands’ first small bar?

  1. Another Maylands local here, although I’ve lived in the area for 25 years. 🙂

    Is this the location of Alannah Mactiernan’s bar, ‘Swallow’?

    I saw the article in The West and am waiting with baited breath to see it open!

  2. Hi Pia

    This is the location of the hopefully soon-to-be Taylah’s Tapas Bar. They have City of Bayswater approval and as far as I know are going through liquor licensing approvals at the moment. Swallow is set to be the second bar on the strip and will be located in the shopfront that currently houses Articol Agencies. I also can’t wait for some small bars to bring some additional life to the Maylands shopping precinct at night.

  3. I understand that Conditional approval has been granted since objections have closed on the 6th Feb, there are still a few hoops to go through. The choice of bars in Maylands is very limited & if Allanah can get it right & provide a well managed bar with food & drink at affordable prices with set times for closing she will clean up. The standard of service of three of the local bars is a joke and the majority of the people in Maylands choose not to go to.

  4. There are 3 local bars in Maylands? I would hardly call the Pen a “bar”?

    Anyways, Id hope the Old Bakery gets some form of license sooner rather than later cause there is nothing better than going through the secret entrance into the wonderful garden at brekky. To be able to do it in the afternoon for a cheeky beverage and some tapas would be heaven!!

  5. Bring it on! We are first home buyes and moved to Maylands a year ago – same with our next door neighbours. We are young and want more of a nightlife in the town. Can’t wait for the opening!

  6. I’ve always hoped that the Old Bakery would get a liquor license too…
    With Swallow nearly open I’m really looking forward to it paving the way for more similar businesses in Maylands.

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