the twister game experiment

I have a lot of questions ticking around in my mind at the moment related to my place making work in Perth, including:

  • How do the people of Perth relate to the city’s public spaces?
  • What sort of relationship with public space does our ‘Perth culture’ sanction?
  • Are we active participants in our public spaces?
  • Do we make our public spaces our own?
  • What behaviours and activities are acceptable (socially sanctioned) in our city’s public spaces?

I want to experiment; to help me answer these questions.

You’re invited to join me in:


Over the next 4 weeks, 4 people will set up and play a game of twister for 1 hour once a week in a selection of public spaces in Perth’s city centre.

  • 1 person spins
  • 2 people play
  • 1 person is the audience for the game and also the observer

We see what happens. And what we can learn to support our work to create lively community places in the city.

If you have a penchant for twister and an hour to spare over lunchtime in the next 4 weeks, drop me an email and be part of the experiment.

What are your thoughts on my questions? Write a comment and let us know what you think.


2 responses to “the twister game experiment

  1. Hi Anne

    You should check out some of the work done by Urban Village Melbourne who undertook similar research in Melbourne…since this project I believe that they have also tested the ‘boundaries’ of acceptable use of public space by applying for permits to sleep, hold hands and kiss in public areas.

    It would be interesting to compare notes on the acceptability of these ideas in different cities in Australia.

  2. annegoodall

    Thanks Simon, I’ll definitely check this out. Life got in the way of me running the twister game experiment last year as planned, but I’ve been making some observations in the course of other work that I’ll blog about soon. Cheers, Anne

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